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Beyond Sense

Uniquely distinctive- Beyond Sense offers a wide variety of gemstones set in beautiful sterling silver.

Aloha Kaia

100% Natural Chammomile infused teething necklaces. Handmade with love in Vancouver, BC


Wearable wood! Kerf offers a wide variety of wood accessories and home decor pieces – all hand made and locally designed in Vancouver BC

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Cabin + Cub

Laser cut gifts from Vancouver BC


Mystic crystals for the modern boheme

Black Heart Pendants

Beautifully macabre pendants from Chase, BC

Swash Buckles

Funky and alternative belt buckles handmade in Chase, BC

Maha Devi Designs

Sustainable clothing for an inspired lifestyle.

Nomads Hemp Wear

Pioneers of hemp and the organic eco (r)evolution.